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Countertops, Bar-tops, Sinks

The look of concrete adds individuality and warmth to kitchens. At Core Concrete, every concept is special because we know that you are. We consult with you extensively about every possible option and facet, we know that your kitchen is where you spend a majority of your time and that it is an extension of who you are and is part of your everyday life. From adding in functional touches like trivets, drainboards, and grooves for sliding screens, depending on how you cook or adding in aesthetic touches that are meaningful to you, such as imprints of meaningful designs.


Sinks & Countertops

One of the most fun parts of a bathroom redesign is picking out the countertop & sink. While regular sinks are practical, they lack the type of design qualities that most modern designs require.

Creating a custom concrete sink takes experience and expertise. During the planning process, we allow space for taps and piping. We also consider how the sink will fit into your current counter which we can work into a unique surface like wood or marble; or of course, we can create a concrete counter design to match your sink.


Hearths & Furniture

A fireplace can bring warmth to a space. But many traditional fireplaces can look dated and can affect the overall look of your room. With sleek lines and simple design, a concrete fireplace and a concrete hearth can bring some industrial design to your property


Grilltops & Pizza Ovens

When the days are long, one of the most enjoyable things you can do is cook outside. But portable stoves and pans can be messy. To give yourself the ultimate luxury of lazing outside with a burger in hand, you need to turn your backyard into a modern concrete kitchen. As experienced outdoor kitchen contractors, Core Concrete, Inc. can provide you with modern outdoor kitchen designs.

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